A Flea FREE Summer

As most pet parents know, summertime means gearing up for more than road trips and dips in the pool. Fleas and ticks are rampant during the summer months, thriving in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees, with humidity in the 75 to 85 percent range. Now is the perfect time to review our battle plan to seek out and destroy these pesky parasites that torment our pets.

Cleanliness is a must. Studies show that fleas live their entire lifecycle on our pets and when they reproduce, the eggs roll off the animal onto couches, beds, and other areas where pets spend most of their time. Bathe your pet regularly with shampoos like Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Insect Growth Regulator 12oz or ECTO-SOOTHE 3X by Virbac as they fight infestation while containing skin conditioners that soothe irritated skin.

Flea combing is also one of the best methods for removing adult fleas from your pet. Placing your pet on a light colored towel while coming through the hair will allow you to see and contain what is falling off your animal. Collect the combings in a container of soapy water and flush it down the toilet. This will prevent any survivors from infesting other areas of your home.

A regular pill program offers additional protection from the inside out. Products like Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats work immediately to kill adult fleas and can be administered as often as once a day if infestation reoccurs. Prescription strength oral treatments like Comfortis Chewable Tablets for Dogs and Cats is administered once a month and fights heartworm and intestinal worms in addition to fleas and ticks.

Spot treatments are also effective in the flea and tick fight. K9 AdvantixII for Dogs or Frontline Plus For Dogs are excellent topical treatments that kill adult fleas within the first 12 hours and continues protecting against fleas, ticks and mosquitos for up to four weeks. These topicals treat not only adult fleas but prevents all flea stages (eggs, larvae, pupae) from developing.

Pets-and their parents love to be outdoors during the warm summer months but if you live where these little blood sucking pests thrive, you know controlling infestations often feels like a full-time job. In order to successfully keep these parasites away from your yard, home and family members you have to attack the problem on several fronts. With the right products and a little diligence, this flea season should be easier than the last. The battle is ongoing but we will win the war this summer! 

5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe & Calm on 4th of July

4th of July Celebration is fun and enjoyable for humans but the loud noise of fireworks can really pose a threat to the health and safety of our pets.  Allivet pet pharmacy sees a rise in pets requiring medication for stress and anxiety during July. We also see a flood of missing pet reports of pets who ran away to escape the fear of loud fireworks.  There are ways to make July 4th safer and less stressful for pets.

1. Avoid the Noise: Take your dog out for a walk early in the day and not at night during fireworks. During the night close the door, turn on the tv and try to drown out the loud noise.

2. Keep them in doors: Keep your pet in doors during fireworks.  Create a calm environment for your pet to relax.  If possible keep your pet in one secure room and plug in Adaptil D.A.P Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser.  D.A.P reduces fear and stress related behavior. This product has been formulated to mimic pheromones to calm dogs of all ages and reduce or even completely stop undesirable stress-related behavior.

3. Make them Feel Safe: Environment stress is related to any change that occurs where your pet lives or spends most of his time. Vetri-Science chews are made for dogs or cats suffering from anxiety and environmental stress.  These Composure chews have an advanced formula that can be used in immediate cases or for on-going stress support.

4. Act Normal: Talk to your pet in a comforting and upbeat tone. Your pet takes cues from you, if they sense that you’re confident and unafraid, they will be more likely to respond in a similar manner.

5. Accurate Identification: Make sure your pet is wearing an up to date identity tag. This will make it easier to find him in case he does run away.

If your pet is lost during the holiday, immediately check with your local animal control agency first. Put up flyers with a photo and detailed description.  Check around the neighborhood carefully. Lost cats have been found days later hiding under a bush in front of their owners’ homes. For dogs, expand the search area further than expected as a precaution.

Happy Memorial Day

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Probiotics for pets: What you didn't know

Probiotics are linked to digestive health, and just like for humans, probiotics can also be very beneficial to both cats and dogs. Supporting your pet's gastrointestinal health is a key factor in helping to make sure your pet is living the best life possible. But traditional vets have long taken a very condescending view of probiotics. Mainstream vets claimed that pet probiotics were "ineffective," a "waste of money," and that if taken "they don't even pass through the gastric acids in your pet's stomach." You might not think of nutritionally managing health problems with strains of healthy bacteria, but it's actually quite natural once you understand the science behind it. We'll help you gain a better understanding - and see if they might be right for your pet. 

Probiotics are live microorganisms similar to those found naturally in the intestines, which help maintain balance in the digestive tract. After being consumed, they help to inhibit harmful pathogens from colonizing the GI tract. Probiotics can be beneficial to health, leading to many products that help humans achieve healthy digestion, like infant formulas, nutritional drinks for children and yogurt for adults, and now research for its benefits for pets has allowed pet friendly probiotics to be created!

If you've noticed your pet has had gastrointestinal incidents, like:
  •   Vomiting
  •   Diarrhea 
  •   Excessive gas

These GI conditions are often associated with an imbalance in intestinal microflora (bacteria), which can be triggered by stress (related to boarding or changes in the home environment), dietary problems or food change. Since antibiotics work by killing bacteria, antibiotic therapy can also leave a pet in need of a probiotic boost.
How can you give them to pets?
Some supplements are oral pastes, some are powders, some are pills or capsules.

If you think probiotics might be right for your pet, you should ask your veterinarian about Purina Veterinary Diets® FortiFlora® ProbioticSupplements. Available only by prescription, they are safe and effective for cats and dogs. Here's why:
  •  FortiFlora Probiotic Supplements are made with a proprietary micro encapsulation process that stabilizes the microorganisms and creates multilayer protection against moisture. This helps make sure that when the probiotics get where they need to be in your pet's GI tract, they'll still be alive and effective at doing what they need to do. 
  • Unlike traditional supplements, FortiFlora comes in a packet that you can sprinkle right on your pet's food. We've made it so tasty to pets that it's actually been shown to increase their desire to eat. 
  • FortiFlora contains antioxidant Vitamins A, E and C, which can help support a strong immune system. 

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Who's Your Valentine? - Share the Love with Your Pets | Save on pet meds at Allivet.com

Share the Love with your Pets on Valentine’s Day: 3 Types of Products Pet Parents love.

A few items pet parents love are:

1. Nutramax's Cosequin! Why do Allivet customers love Cosequin?

Healthy joint cartilage is crucial to your pet’s mobility and quality of life. Cosequin plays an important role in maintaining your cat, dog, or horse's joint function steady and well. Cosequin  also helps support cartilage matrix production and protect existing cartilage from breakdown. Cosequin is made by Nutramax Labroatories , Cosequin is one of many special products formulated  for the unique health needs of pets. Cosequin is the only glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate supplement that has been shown safe and effective. Cosequin also comes in many forms, such as Cosequin Powder for HorsesCosequin Capsules, and Cosequin Soft Chews. Save on your pet's joint care at Allivet.com. Best Prices on Cosequin.

2. Many pet parents love to spoil their pets with the best nutrition and a great taste pets enjoy.

Nothing brings greater joy than seeing our pets happy.  Purina offers many products for pet digestive care and special needs. Purina pet food and pet supplements are manufactured with proper nutrition essential to dog and cat health. Purina Veterinary Diets provide specialized nutrition for pets. Popular Purina items among pet parents include FortiFlora Canine, a unique supplement contains live active cultures and is recommended for the dietary management of dogs with diarrhea. Also, Purina carries a great variety of Veterinary Diets food which provides your pet with specialized nutrition to help manage their health condition. Some include Purina JM, which is used to management canine arthritis and to provide a proper balance of total nutrients while meeting the special dietary needs of the patient, and Purina Canine DRM Formula, which is designed for the dietary management of dogs with allergic dermatitis. Save on all Purina products, shop best prices at Allivet.com

3. It breaks our heart to see our pets in pain.

Horses, dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, joint pain, ulcer pain or post- surgical pain can benefit from the variety or pet pain management options available at Allivet. Pain management ranges from prescription pet meds to pet supplements. Many pet parent use a combination of Prescription pet meds like Rimadyl for dogs or cats in combination with a supplement such as Dasuquin. Horse owners also benefit from using Proviable paste after intestinal surgery, after the horse is ill and after antibiotic use. Proviable paste is also beneficial if used during other events that disrupt the natural microfloral balance of the intestines of horses. The paste also helps protect against more long-term imbalances caused by events such as starting a new diet or using antibiotics for extended periods of time. Pet parents can save on pain relief for their pets at Allivet.com. Allivet also shows their customers appreciation. Shop best price prescription pet meds and earn loyalty points each time you order at allivet.com 


Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

Lights, decorations and toys are a wonderful part of the holidays. But if you have pets, you need to take special precautions to make sure they're safe. Keeping your furry family members safe during the holidays can be a difficult task. There are the ornaments, plants, presents, and lights. Let's take a look at some simple steps that will allow your pets to join in the holiday fun this year, while avoiding any trips to the animal emergency room and to ensure that your family's holiday season is happy, healthy and hazard-free:
  • Fasten all decorations securely, with the more fragile ones at the top and far from your pets reach. Dogs who chew these can suffer cuts in their mouth from broken ornaments and decorations.
  • Place holiday plants out of reach and vacuum often. Poinsettias can cause drooling, oral pain, and vomiting. Mistletoe causes vomiting, labored breathing, shock, and death from cardiovascular collapse. When animals eat the needles from real or fake trees, they can also get intestinal blockage.
  • Display candles on high shelves to avoid painful burns and singed whiskers. Also, make sure that all electrical cords are tucked out of reach. Electrocution can put a huge damper on Holiday festivities.
  • For those buying a live Christmas trees this year, keep the area free and clear of pine needles. While they may not seem dangerous, the needles can puncture your pet's intestines if ingested.
  • When gift wrapping, be sure to keep your pet away. Wrapping paper, string, plastic, or cloth could cause intestinal blockages. Scissors are another hazard, and they should be kept off floors or low tables.
  • Reduce your dog's stress by maintaining its regular feeding and exercise routine. Develop a routine for your dog during holiday parties. A special treat in a special room of your house works well. Pet calming medications, like Adaptil D.A.P Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser and HomeoPet Anxiety Relief can come in handy when guests are coming over, as well as for Holiday travels!
  • Stow chocolate candy or baking ingredients out of reach. Chocolate is the most common toxicity treat during the holidays. Small amounts cause problems. Larger amounts can cause above normal heart rhythms, nervous system malfunctions, and even death. Secure your garbage in bins with tight lids. (This is a good habit to get into all year!) A dog can chew up holiday garbage, which can result in intestinal problems.
  • Tell guests not to share indulgences with your pet. Poultry skin, fat trimmings, rich gravies, and buttery sauces can cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, or even worse, a life threatening inflammation of the pancreas. Also, remember that an ounce of alcoholic beverage can put a small dog into a coma.

Keeping your pet safe these holidays will ensure a happy and festive celebration with each and every member of your family! Happy Holidays from Allivet!

Protect your pet: Flea Protection in the Winter

Fleas can cause medical problems in pets including flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), tapeworms, hair loss due to scratching, and secondary skin irritations. In large numbers, fleas can cause anemia from blood loss, especially in puppies and kittens. Some pets have been known to die if the anemia is severe. Ticks can also transmit serious diseases, including Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Because fleas can cause so many serious health issues to pets, pet owners should be aware of all flea treatments and flea prevention, even in the winter time.
Flea protection in the Winter

Thinking that fleas "disappear" in the winter is bit far-fetched, especially since there are four different stages of the flea in the environment. While adult fleas, flea larvae, and flea eggs don't do well in colder temperatures, flea pupae, like cocoons, can survive up to a year in cold weather conditions. Also, while it's cold outside, it's usually warm indoors and pet owners tend to keep their pets indoors. So, if you have dogs and cats that bring fleas and all of their offspring indoors to reside in your carpet and bedding, you have a year-round flea problem. That's another very good reason to keep your pets on flea meds 12 months out of the year. Another reason to keep pets on flea prevention is to help keep tapeworm infections low as well which a majority of heartworm preventions do not control.

Luckily, there are many topical and oral flea meds that help to remove and control the adult flea population, and they are generally very safe:
Frontline Products, like Frontline Plus and Frontline Top Spot, are great flea prevention products. Frontline Plus is a monthly topical treatment provides fast, effective and convenient treatment and control of fleas, ticks and chewing lice for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. Frontline Top Spot is a once a month convenient spot treatment for fast-acting, long-lasting control of fleas, ticks and chewing lice.
COMFORTIS chewable tablets offer the same formula for cats and dogs kills, and fleas and controls flea infestations (Ctenocephalides felis) for one month. This product is easy to administer tablet kills fleas within 30 minutes and provides protection against fleas for 30 days

Remember that cold weather does not kill ticks. In fact, spring and fall are when the deer tick numbers are at their peak. As a general rule, we recommend using flea and tick products until after extreme winter conditions persist. In warmer climates, flea and tick protection should be provided year round. Visit www.allivet.com for great prices and savings on all of your flea prevention and treatment medications, as well as on all of your pet care needs!